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Steve and Alex - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Keep up the good work!

Dave Moore - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Satisfied customer for many years
Sandy Dardick - Merrickville, Ontario, Canada
Must be almost 20 yrs as a customer now. We travel 120km/day worry free thanks to Dave and his A-1 staff. Special thanks guys for strapping my tires into my truck bed last night, it was much appreciated! Sandy & Gail
Judi Dupuis - Ottawa, On, Canada
You know how I feel about the car , your service and your guys, but this is about Stevie's band. I listened to Decades and was some impressed. Besides being really cute, his band is quite talented.And he knows cars ! You should be very proud of him. Judi
Robert D - Windsor, ON, CANADA
Nice to here that you are doing so well. It was a pleasure working for you in the past. Learned lots while working with you. Not passing on my expertise to high school students as a teacher. Cheers.
Dave Houghton - Ottawa, On, Canada
Dave has worked on my family\'s cars for years and with 100% consistency, has recommended what was best, not what was easiest nor what was most expensive (like elsewhere). It\'s been like having a brother in the business and we all appreciate the good work and honesty. Thanks!
Janet Davy - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A big shout out for above and beyond service as always. Was a customer many years ago and moved but recently had an issue with an outboard motor gas can. Was in the neighbourhood to dropped in to see if I could get assistance and most certainly did. A heart felt thanks.
Laura - Nepean , Ontario , Canada
I have a Hyundai Sonata 2009. It seems that the that some exhaust gases are creeping into the cabin area ( can smell exhaust when driving slowly ) the coupling -gasket- between the exhaust header and the muffler pipe could have a hole. Can you inspect the car and give a repair estimate ? thanks My phone number is 613-868-2698 thank you Laura
Rene - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dave Rennies' has given us great service and have stepped up when we needed it. The morning of a 1100km trip we discover a flat tire. Dave took us in and had us on the road by noon. Great service.
Steve - Stittsville, ON, Canada
Know that when I get a diagnostic from Dave's its work that needs doing, excellent service, great work and means I have a reliable car. Thanks Dave and team.